Time Logic Age Serum Eye

Time Logic Age Serum Eye


Guinot’s Time Logic Age Serum Eye (Time Logic Age Serum Yeux) is a rich and intensive eye treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, crows feet, dark circles, bags around the eyes and more!

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Guinot’s Time Logic Age Serum Eye (Time Logic Age Serum Yeux) is a powerful and intensive anti-aging eye treatment that works while you sleep. Skin is smoothed and elasticity is restored to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crows feet around the delicate eye area. Nutrient rich ingredients such as vitamin c and e fight against environmental damage allow your skin to be healthier and diminish the appearance of fatigue. Within just the first few applications the eye area appears visibly smoother, firmer and eye bags and dark circles are diminished.

How To Use:

-Apply to freshly cleansed skin

-Using your fingertips, smooth the product under your eyes and onto your eye lids starting at the inner corners and working your way to the outer corners

To be used in the evening under your regular cream

Key Ingredients:

-ATP: Stores essential energy resulting in younger looking skin

-Actinergie: Increases oxygenation

-56 Active Ingredients: Allows for healthy regeneration of the skin

-Hydrocyte Complex: Moisturizes

-Eyeliss: Reduces puffiness

Product Size:

15 ml


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