Coconut Cream Masque


Eminence Coconut Cream Masque is a nutrient rich face masque that hydrates the skin.

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Eminence Coconut Cream Masque replenishes your skins moisture and plumps the skin to allow fine lines and wrinkles to appear less noticeable. Rich in nourishing ingredients, skin appears smoother and more hydrated almost instantly.

Nourish your skin with coconut milk, oils, and chunks of ripe coconut. This ultra-hydration system will leave your skin feeling firm, smooth and youthful.

Best suited for normal, dry, or dehydrated skin types.

How To Use:

-Apply to freshly cleansed skin

-Apply a small amount of the product to your hand a mix with a small amount of water

-Apply evenly over the face with your fingertips

-Allow the Coconut Cream Masque to dry. This should take 5-10 minutes

-Remove the product with water

Additional Information:

-Gluten Free

-Nut Free


Product Size:

60 ml


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