Age Logic Eyes

Age Logic Eyes


Guinot's Age Logic Eyes (Age Logic Yeux) is a rich and luxurious eye cream that fight against dark circles, eye bags, crows feet, wrinkles and more. The eyes appear fresh, young and vibrant.

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Guinot’s Age Logic Eyes (Age Logic Yeux) is a rich and luxurious eye cream that firms and revitalizes the delicate skin around the eyes. This is not your average eye cream! Key ingredients stimulate the cell activity within the eye area that become sluggish over time. As a result the skin plumps and firms and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles dramatically and rapidly reduce. Vitamins C and E fight against free radicals and anti-glycation agents promote elasticity. Eyes become renewed and appear more youthful, radiant, and smooth. Eye bags, dark circles, crows feet and more are all targeted with this amazing product. Don’t let age slow you down, Guinot’s Age Logic Eyes will keep everyone guessing at how you are able to feel your skin looking so young and fresh.

How To Use:

-Apply to freshly cleansed skin

-Gently apply, using your fingertips, around the delicate eye area

-Do not rinse off

Can be used in both the morning or evening

Key Ingredients:

-ATP: Stores energy resulting in younger looking skin

-Actinergie: Increases oxygenation within the skin

-Mafane Extract: Firms the skin

-56 Active Ingredients: Allows for health regeneration of the skin

Product Size:

15 ml


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