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La Biosthetique is a collection of high quality skin, hair and body products from Paris. Every La Biosthetique product is carefully created from premium raw materials then blended to perfection. The products are manufactured in Europe and adhere to the strictest quality standards. State-of-the-art laboratories ensure creation of professional spa products without animal testing. La Biosthetique was developed in the early 1950s by Marcel Contier.

Only specific spas and salons are chosen to represent La Biosthetique therefore they are a boutique brand and in high demand. European Day Spa is proud to offer La Biosthetique products to its customers. We sell their skin care, hair care and make-up collections in spa and online. Our staff are professionally trained with the brand and would be available to answer any questions. Enjoy the experience of top quality products with La Biosthetique.

For over 50 years the La Biosthetique Paris brand has stood for professionalism, innovation, exclusivity, international trend development and business partnership.

What people are saying about La Biosthetique:

Brilliant product line. La Biosthetique offers me all the Beauty Products I need for my daily hair and skin routines. All based on natural products!”

Since I found out about your make up and moisturizers, I am so impressed every time I use them! Thank you very much for the quality of your products.”

Super great products for Hair and Eyes. Actually everything!!! I love it.”

La Biosthetique Products